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Satisfying a Sweet Tooth

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Satisfying a Sweet Tooth

The Decisions You Will Have To Make When It Comes To Buying Steel Casters

Malou Leffers

Steel casters are not the most exciting things to shop for. However, they can make your life a lot easier. These small, wheel-like items are used on a variety of different items, such as desk chairs, shopping carts and furniture dollies, allowing you to easily push or wheel an item around. If you manufacture an item that uses casters, or you need to replace the ones on an existing item, you have decisions to make in regards to the new ones you have to buying. Knowing what your choices are will help you select the casters that make the most sense for the item you are attaching them to.

The Type of Steel the Caster is Made From

Not all steel casters are made from the same grade of steel. Different grades and weights of steel are used to make these items. The different types of steel can make the caster weigh more or less, or can help the wheel hold more weight. Different types of steel casters include light, medium, and heavy-weight steel, rigid steel, carbon steel and alloy steel. Determine how much weight you need the casters to support and then figure out which type of steel can carry the amount of weight that needs to be carried.

The Size of the Caster

Some casters are extremely small in size. They can start out at about ½ inch in diameter. Others are large, topping out at over 10 inches in diameter. If you are looking to replace a caster, measure the size of the ones already on the item you are using for a proper fit. If you are building a new item, you may have to test out different size casters to find the ones that will best fit the item you need without being too small or too bulky.

Whether it Swivels or Not

The last factor you will need to consider when shopping for factors is whether the caster swivels or not. Casters that do not swivel can only go in a straight line. Casters that swivel can be pushed in any direction. However, if they swivel, they are generally a bit more expensive. If you need an item to go in different directions, look for a caster that swivels. If you only need the item to move forward or backward, stick with a caster that does not swivel.

When it comes to buying steel casters, you have a few decisions to make. You have to select a steel type and size, and decide whether you need one that swivels or not. Visit Garland's Inc for more information.