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Satisfying a Sweet Tooth

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Satisfying a Sweet Tooth

You Can Rent Equipment So You Can Pour Your Own Concrete Driveway

Malou Leffers

If you are an accomplished DIYer who likes to take on tough jobs, you may think about pouring your own concrete driveway. While you can do some things by hand, you are really going to want to have some power equipment for some jobs, because they will have you some time and energy. Even the most devoted DIYer probably doesn't have the right equipment on hand, which is why you can go to an equipment rental place to get what you need. 

Marking Your Driveway

First you are going to need to figure out where you want your driveway to be. If you have an already existing driveway that you are replacing, you may be able to skip that step. However, if it's a brand new driveway, you are going to figure out exactly where you want it to be. You can mark it by putting an outline with some string and tall stakes. Make sure that the outline is set a little wider than you want your driveway so that you have plenty of room to work. 

Clearing the Space

Once you have marked your driveway, it's time to clear the space. If you have an already existing driveway, you are going to need to break it up somehow. You can either go at it with a sledgehammer or you can rent a jackhammer. A jackhammer will get it done much quicker for you, with much less effort on your part. If you need to clear the soil, you can rent something like a small excavator. That will let you clear the space quicker, and is a good idea if you have a large area to clear up.  

Prepare the Space

After you have cleared it, you need to tamp down the soil. That will give you a good strong base to pour the concrete on. Try using a plate compactor. That will let you cover a large area quickly, and will get a much firmer foundation than you can do on your own. 

Mix and Pour the Cement

Mixing the cement can be a large job. You need to get it mixed as quickly as possible because you don't want to have any parts you have already poured start to dry. You need to have the pour all done as quickly as possible so that it really is all one piece. However, if you mix up a lot of concrete all at once, you run the risk of it drying in the wheelbarrow or mixing area. One option is to use a cement mixer. You can start it mixing the next batch of concrete while you are pouring an already mixed batch. That will let you get the concrete down quickly in as smooth a pour as possible. 

While pouring a concrete driveway isn't for everyone, it is something that you can do on your own, especially if you can rent the equipment from a company like All-Star Equipment to do it with.