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Satisfying a Sweet Tooth

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Satisfying a Sweet Tooth

Safety Tips To Keep In Mind When Renting A Crane

Malou Leffers

If your company doesn't usually have a need for a crane but having one would prove valuable on a current project, then you are likely in the market for a crane rental. But before you reach out to a local heavy construction rental company, make sure you and your employees can operate the crane safely. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when using a crane rental for the first time.

Make Sure the Crane Operator Is Certified 

Just because you can use other heavy equipment safely does not mean you know how to safely operate a crane. If you have never used a crane during a project before, chances are you might not have anyone on your team who is properly qualified to operate it. If this is the case, you can take the time to make sure an employee gets the training they need, but a better idea might be to talk to the crane rental company about your problem. Heavy equipment rental companies can also sometimes provide contractors who can operate the rented equipment for you. This will, of course, cost extra, but it's much safer than just trying to wing it on your own.

Clear the Area Underneath the Crane

If your crane will be moving items from one spot to another, you need to make sure the work site is completely safe. That means the crane operation area needs to be completely free of other employees and preferably also free of other equipment. If an accident happens and something being lifted by the crane comes falling down, you don't want it to hit anything or anyone on its way to the ground.

A Safety Checklist Should Be Followed Before and After Every Operation

Make sure whoever is operating your crane follows the same safety guidelines you likely have in place for your other equipment. The cargo to be lifted should be inspected as should all moving parts of the crane. Ensure the crane can handle the weight of the cargo. The crane's arm should be fully lowered after every operation is complete. Also, make sure your employees are not rushing the process while the crane is in operation. 

If you are going to rent a crane for the first time, make sure you are adequately prepared for what's ahead. That should include a trained and skilled operator and a cleared and inspected work area. Contact a crane rental company today for more information.