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Satisfying a Sweet Tooth

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Satisfying a Sweet Tooth

Why Your Company Should Recycle Those Old Pallets

Malou Leffers

If your company has been acquiring pallets on a regular basis, you may have found that you have a significant inventory accumulating on your property. In most cases, those pallets end up stacked up somewhere out of the way because your business likely has little use for them once they are unloaded. That's why your company should consider working with a pallet recycling service. Here's a look at some of the reasons why a pallet recycling service is a good investment.

Environmental Benefits

Especially for those companies that strive for a minimal environmental footprint, recycling pallets is a great way to help protect the environment. Every pallet that is recycled and put back into use is one less pallet that needs to be manufactured. This reduces timber demand, which can help to minimize the need for cutting down trees. When your company chooses to recycle your empty wood pallets, you can feel confident knowing that you're helping the environment and giving back a little bit with every load.

Financial Benefits

There are a few financial benefits to recycling your company's wood pallets. The most apparent benefit comes with the revenue you may receive from the reclamation company. In many cases, the pallet recycling service will pay you a small amount per pallet that they collect, which is money back into your business.

In addition to any revenue received for recycling the pallets, other financial benefits are a bit more long-term and less apparent. The more recycled pallets there are in the marketplace, the more affordable those pallets will be. When pallets become more affordable, shipping costs come down. This could save your company in excess shipping costs as well. Over time, the revenue and savings can add up for your business.

Safety Benefits

One thing many business owners don't think about when it comes to their wooden pallets is the safety hazard that they pose when you keep them around. If you have a large number of wooden pallets stacked on your property, all of that wood can pose a fire danger. The more wood you accumulate, and the drier it becomes, the greater the safety risk.

Additionally, wood pallets can become a draw for certain types of pests. Insects and other pests can infest those pallets if they are left unaddressed. Over time, those infestations can spread into your building, and many rodents and such that may nest in them could spread bacteria and disease around the property. It's safer and more hygienic to work with a pallet recycling service and have them removed from your property regularly.

These are a few of the many reasons why your company should consider recycling those old wooden pallets. Talk with a recycling service near you for more information.