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Satisfying a Sweet Tooth

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Satisfying a Sweet Tooth

4 Reasons To Use Ultrasonic Welding

Malou Leffers

When you are producing an item, you have to decide how you will create that item or product. You will have to decide what materials you want to use and how you want those materials to be combined together. If you are using plastic parts and need to mold or connect those plastic parts together, one way to do so is by using ultrasonic welding.

With ultrasonic welding, high-frequency and low-amplitude vibrational energy is used to fuse thermoplastic parts together. It is different from the traditional welding process, as it relies on acoustic energy, which allows the parts to be joined together on a molecular level.

#1: Less Downtime

One of the best reasons to use ultrasonic welding in your production process is because it is really fast. With this style of welding, there are no requirements for any drying or curing process once the weld is complete; that is it. That means that your product can advance to the next stage of the production process faster than with a traditional weld.

#2: Less Labor

When you are creating a product, you add up the cost of everything that goes into the product, including the labor to produce the product. Ultrasonic welding is a very automated process, and once it is set up, it doesn't require that much human labor. That can help reduce the labor costs that go with creating your product and help keep your overall production costs down, allowing you to make a greater profit on the product.

#3: Lower Production Costs

Ultrasonic welding is not that expensive as far as a production method. When you use this method to connect materials together, you don't have to invest in additional materials that will increase your production costs, such as glue, fasteners, or soldering materials. You can reduce the materials necessary to create your product by using ultrasonic welding.

#4: Quality Bond

When you are welding two pieces of material together, you want to create a high-quality bond. With ultrasonic welding, as acoustic energy is used to join the two pieces together, no excessive heat is used, which means that there is no thermal distortion on your product. It also means that no contaminates are adding to the item.

This process is designed to leave behind no visible seam. You will be left with a smooth finish, which leaves you with both a visually appealing connection between materials and a strong bond that can't easily be broken apart.

When it comes to bonding together two plastic parts, ultrasonic welding creates a strong bond that doesn't leave behind a seam while at the same time lowering your overall labor and production costs for the part.

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