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Satisfying a Sweet Tooth

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Satisfying a Sweet Tooth

What Are The Advantages Of Trailer-Mounted Rental Boilers?

Malou Leffers

Before you rent a boiler, you have to choose a type of unit. For example, you can rent mobile boiler rooms, skid-mounted boilers, or boilers that are mounted to a trailer. While all three of these solutions have their pros and cons, a trailer-mounted product is often a good choice. Why?

Get A Working Boiler Fast

If you rent a boiler as an emergency cover, say if your in-house boiler breaks down or if you need an extra supply of hot water or steam, then you might need a fast fix. You might have to shut down or cut back production until your rental boiler is up and running.

Rental boilers are a fast solution. However, you don't just have to think about how long it takes your rental company to source a boiler for you; you also have to think about how long it will take you to hook the unit up.

Some boiler solutions take longer to set up than others. For example, if you rent a skid-mounted boiler, then you usually need a crane to unload the boiler. Your set-up time will be longer, especially if you don't have a crane on-site and have to hire one too.

Trailer-mounted boilers are much faster to set up because they stay on their trailers. You simply need to get the trailer in the right place and then hook the boiler up to your system.

Get A Portable Boiler Solution

If your boiler needs a crane to unload and load it, then you might run into problems down the line if you want to move the unit somewhere else. For example, you might find that your first location isn't the best place to site the boiler. You might want to move it. This isn't always easy if you need a crane to move the unit.

This gets easier if you rent a trailer-mounted boiler unit. All you have to do is to move the trailer. As long as the trailer fits in its new space, you can put the boiler anywhere on your site. This is a lot easier and faster than a crane load/unload operation.

Get Full Boiler Access

While you might not need to do much work on your rental boiler, you need to access all of its connection points when you hook it up and disconnect it. Plus, if you need to tweak its settings or fix a problem, then you need easy access to its controls.

A trailer-mounted boiler keeps all the boiler's sides clear. The boiler sits up on the trailer, giving you completely open access.  

To find out more about rental boilers, contact boiler rental companies.